No Secrets | 01/16/08

Ok, it's secret time. Take the quiz here. It's ugly but it works.

I've rediscovered the History Channel over the past two days and I've had it on while I've been developing new sites. I was hoping to have a month or so between going to work all day then coming home and working for another six hours but the Internet Gods are unhappy so I either need more virgins to sacrifice or churn out a bunch of new sites. As I was telling Steve last night I'm not sure if it's faster to build back-end templates that I can use for them all, that take about three times as long to make initially or, since I'm trying to get exactly three sites done this week, if I should just do them. I can tell you this much--when I get home from wrangling semicolons the last thing I want to do is continue to wrangle them for almost another complete work day. It seems like just yesterday that I had to look up to see what attribute went into the <a> tag to make a link and had a post-it note that said HREF so I would stop having to look it up constantly.

Sunshine: Your secret didn't come through--just your name. I didn't catch it until I actually went through them. Sorry! :( The sad face is the only true indicator of the depth of my sorrow.


Mike (Unknown)

How's it going?

Tree (Unknown)

A blog about secrets. Could you be anymore of a girl?

Mike (Unknown)

Maybe--are you volunteering as a sacrifice to the Internet Gods?

Tree (Unknown)

Sure, why the hell not? I really don't give a shit in the grand scheme of your wizardry.

sunshine (Unknown)

that's the true meaning of secret.

Mike (Unknown)

haha. You just must not have any really, really lame secrets like the rest of us...all the more reason to share next time.



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