Happy PR Update | 10/01/06

Ah,cotber. My favorite month. First off, congratulations to Kathy and Fed-Chris Smiddick. Although Jamie and I weren't there physically we were there in spirit as you can see from the picture. We were able, simply by focusing our minds, appear. Unfortunately we disappeared upon opening our eyes so that's why they had to be closed in that picture. Secondly, Jamie aced the LSAT this weekend and we plan on celebrating her 180 in a few months. Way to go honey.

Google put out new PageRanks and the Chompblog finally crawled up to a four after three years as a two. I got all my laundry done this weekend and just about cleaned my kitchen to the point of a normal person's. Finally, all of my popular music CDs are now in CD books leaving me only with about 400 classical CDs to "organize". I discovered I have a lot of REM and I never really like them so. I also discovered I am missing a ton of my original Led Zeppelin CDs including: III, IV and Houses of the Holy. I think HoH might be in my car so I won't worry about that one. Happy October!




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