Basic Web Design | 12/18/03

Well, here's some picture of some music. It just happened to be in my web folder so there it is. I'm too lazy to download something new. I played a lot of SimCity 4 today. I also took Chompy to the dog park. She tried to escape when I went back to the car to get Jamie a coat. And by tried to escape, I mean escaped successfully. I figured if she WAS going to follow me, she'd try to jump the fence as she had done when I first got her. She didn't, though. She, like her precious Food Guy, is getting old. She wasn't old enough, however, to let a petty fence stop her. She burrowed underneath the doors of the fence and ran to catch up to me. She made such a big hole, The Ab followed her and they both were running around loose. I just opened the car door and they both ran to me and jumped in. Quick thinking, I know. Not that either of the dogs would have run away but it's scary to see your killer pit bull on the loose. And by killer, I mean very sweet. And by pit bull, I mean pit bull mix. For dinner, I made some chicken pesto but it was somewhat lacking. Lacking flavor, moisture and decent pasta (Al Dente anyone?). Tomorrow I need to clean out the car and clean up the pad and pack before 'pa comes into town. I also had a fun little conversation with Marty online today. He has a great screen name and throughout the conversation I kept thinking about how long ago he had to register that one. As I re-read what I wrote, my grammar is the worst. I especially like my sentence: Lacking flavor, moisture and decent pasta. Will this be my last journal until January 5th? I hope not.




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