Burr-berry | 01/20/08

I realize that there will be very little sympathy for this entry but it is so cold here. The temperatures have stayed in the 30s for a couple of days now which wouldn't have been so bad had it not absolutely poured rain for the two days prior. I can only estimate the temperature in my office but, using unofficial measures, I would put it at around -40F (or roughly the temperature with the wind chill at the Packers game last night). I can't believe the Packers lost--like I told Steve while watching the game, it seemed like God Himself was willing the Packers to win and giving them more than ample opportunity. I really just wanted to see Good vs. Evil with the Packers winning a last-minute stunner over New England. Now it's going to be a 56-3 (assuming the Patriots call off the dogs at halftime) blowout with Stupid vs. Evil. Watching Eli Manning speak is just painful. You would think after a while doing interviews he'd stop sounding like a flustered eight year old but no, he just clanks his awkward way through through trying sentences like "It, well, uh, really just, it really feels good to uh, uh, you know, come out here and win. He needs a big str_replace("uh","",$whateverheistryingtosay). Yeah.


SC (Unknown)

53 degrees in my bedroom this morning when I woke up.

T-Chris (Unknown)

It's going to be a tough Super Bowl to watch mainly because I don't care for either team. I can't cheer for the Pats because, as you said, they're Evil. And being a Chicago fan, I can't cheer for New York. I guess I'm watching the game for the commercials, which are bound to disappoint me, too.

Tree (Unknown)

So what did the Packers learn? Home field advantage is a bunch of b.s. I don't see how the Patriots are deemed "evil", that's a title reserved for New York teams. Boston has always been #2 to New York. And the Patriots must go 19-0 to finally shut up those stupid asshole '72 Dolphins. And let's face it... the Packers suck. Way too many mistakes. I for one was a Bears fan NOT rooting for Green Bay.

Mike (Unknown)

I thought you liked the Dolphins.

Mark (Unknown)

We shall see how the game goes, but 56-3? Probably not.



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