Saw IV | 01/21/08

Last night I saw Saw IV on the internets. It was the first time I'd ever watched a movie online and the experience wasn't that great. If the movie industry was smart they'd allow you to watch movies for free online when formatted as follows: Each movie is broken into four chunks and you can't stream the next chunk while one is streaming/playing. This ensures at least 20 minutes in between chunks and most users would be so irritated they'd just buy the movie for $4 on iTunes. For me it was a matter of principle so I sucked it the f* up and started redesigning a site I just bought while I waited.

Internet or not, Saw IV wasn't that good. The casting director should have been fired along with the make-up guy because too many of the male characters looked the same. Thankfully the main character was a black guy so he was easy to pick out. All the white guys though looked exactly the same--it reminded me a South Park episode where the kids are in China and all the Chinese kids can't tell them apart because they all look the same. Anyway, I was a big fan of the first two and third one was fair but this was just lame. There were no big shockers and you could tell they were really running low on ideas for torture. Fortunately, it appears the series will continue and the production company has signed on with the US government to purchase some of their intellectual property for the next few movies.




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