Revelation | 01/23/08

Since this was going to be a revelation follow-up from yesterday I did a search for "A ha!" so I could find a picture. I figured I'd get a bunch of the band A Ha but I was under-prepared to find this one. Funny.

Last night Chris appeared for some GH and we got absolutely nowhere in beating #3 in Coop. The remaining songs are just too hard. He's progressing a lot faster than I did so I'm banking on the fact that he'll soon surpass me and be able to carry my slow-fingered self to the end next time.

After work I was supposed to have learned my lesson in procrastination. I was to meet with a freelance client to show them a demo application that was grossly underdeveloped. The entire application was white-background, Times New Roman, 12 point font. I spent the whole day worried about learning the negative reinforcement that was going to come on showing it. I get there and what happens? It's loved! Not only do they love the functionality of it but they decide to give me a bonus on the spot for it. After I left I called Steve to help me understand how this could happen as he's right up there with K-Chris and Brian on the list of people who suck it the f* up and get things done. He pointed out that maybe--just maybe, there's no lesson to learn. If after 28 years there's been for the most part positive reinforcement of procrastination then maybe it's not worth changing. Once I left high school my life was essentially devoid of busy-work and things have gone really well. The pre-college years were the only ones where there was any negative reinforcement for procrastinating (probably because it was coupled with complete non-action on my part) and even then everything turned out just fine. Viva la homme paresseux!


KBS (Unknown)

Holy crap, that picture is ridiculous.

Mike (Unknown)

I know, I laughed out loud when I saw it and I knew I had to have it as my own.

BU (Unknown)

Viva la revelation!

Jamie (Unknown)

When are you posting the answers to the secrets? I'm nosy, and I want to know!



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