Sew What? | 01/24/08

Duh. I forgot to post the secret answers so everyone (except Kathy) could see what profound faults we've been hiding from the rest of the world.

In middle school, I faked an asthma attack to get out of camping. It was so good, I fooled 3 nurses and an ER doctor. (Jamie)

I have a crush on Tyler Florence, from Food Network. (Kathy)

I can only jump rope backwards. (Steve)

I is adopted. (Brian)

I'm slightly colorblind. (T-Chris)

I stole academic regalia. (Marty)

When I was about seven I ran away from home for 45 minutes. (Chompy)

I hand-write fewer than 100 (alphabetic) letters a month. (Mike)

Shocking I know. I expect to hear from both People and Us magazines this afternoon now that I've posted such sordid details about famous people.


SC (Unknown)

My secret sucks.

Mike (Unknown)

Yep but yours made everyone else feel better about theirs.

SC (Unknown)

Story of my life.

Tree (Unknown)

Wow... all of you people should be locked up! The absolute sickness in all of the madness!



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