No Mas | 01/28/08

It's time to say goodbye to classical music and, to that end, to throwing money at universities to teach it to me. Over the past six months I've finally come to terms with the fact I just don't like classical music anymore and the thought of having to study it for another three years makes my stomach turn. Although I would have liked to have taught it at some level, I simply don't see how the world is in any sort of need for another atrocious "modern" flute solo or zzz-brass quintet. The funny part to me is that my music is played more now than it ever has and each year picks up dozens more of unsolicited performances than the last. This all started in about 2003 and with the passing of each calendar I get more emails telling me my music is great and larger checks being cut to me. The only "problem" is that it's all for a single genre; one that is neither respected nor appreciated in the classical realm and frankly I was also tired of having to downplay those to seem a decent member of the establishment. This sunk in last year after submitting applications to schools where I knew damn well I had more pieces performed annually than the entire composition faculty combined and still didn't get in. Did they sell a twenty copies of a single piece in the same month? If they did, why would their mom want twenty copies of their piece for solo flute?

While I'm not as skilled at programming as Ricky or Brian and not as killer of an optimizer as Christine, I do both admirably even if I'm not in the 98% percentile like they are. What I do have going for me in this area is that, at least so far, I have killer business ideas and the skills to build the sites behind them. If for no other reason, this is why I'm ready for a change--because I'm not going to be living on the street or cleaning bathrooms (again). So to you classical music, thanks for the memories but I don't think we should see each other any more. You just love yourself too much to be loved by anyone else.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Are you telling me that History of Music Theory didn't fire you up and make you glad to be alive?

Mike (Unknown)

HoMT made me glad to be alive--there is nothing like praying for death to remind you how great life is.

T-Chris (Unknown)

At least you were awake to pray. I was too occupied with the insides of my eyelids.

Mike (Unknown)

That's not true--I should know because through osmosis I too can now twirl a pen on my fingers too. You couldn't both sleep and twirl..whoa unless you're that good. Whoa.

KBS (Unknown)

Hooray! I like this post. Good for you. Now when are you moving up here?

Tree (Unknown) looks like you just wasted your life. All those thousands of hours of lessons, playing, composing, teaching, learning, listening, education. Had you known this, you probably wouldn't have bothered to ever pick up an instrument.

Mike (Unknown)

Hardly wasted--I don't regret a thing about it. Just because I don't want to be a Doctor of Music doesn't mean I'm not going to actively compose and play. Plus, learning music helps you learn other things. If nothing else it teaches you how to address problems from many different sides and that's applicable to any area.

Tree (Unknown)

Yeah I know that cliché line that music teaches people to handle other life skills. But I've known you too long (far longer than most of you blog readers) and I know how much you've invested & how much talent you have & you shouldn't just give up. It's like Tom Brady suddenly deciding he should be a career greeter at Wal-Mart tomorrow. I've seen much worse talents succeed (and the absolute worse, that Asian dude from 'American Idol').

Mike (Unknown)

I'm really not "giving it up" so much as coming to terms with the fact that I don't want to be a student again. I have written a lot of great music and have no intention at all of stopping. I just don't need (another) piece of paper saying I know how to do it when what I does write sells well and is being performed at schools that would reject my application. The irony is not lost on me.

Reauxbot (Unknown)

Wait, are you saying you HoMT notes are up for grabs? Please tell me I'm not too late to get a piece of that action. I'd like to put them in a steel cage with mine and see which set of notes bores the other into oblivion. Or just put them in a birdcage and let Polly get some quality use out of them.

Mike (Unknown)

Notes? Yours would bore mine to death because mine were all 3D shapes which not as helpful when exam time rolled around as you might think.



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