Wasted Vote | 01/29/08

Because, believe it or not, I am a registered member of the Republican Party I threw my vote away on Rudy Giuliani on my lunch break yesterday. As far as I can remember, I have never voted for a winning candidate so my vote was probably the kiss of death and he's expected to formally drop out of the race today. He may be a fascist but at least he's a smart fascist. Since I voted I formally have a right to complain now. I was hoping the national race would come down to Obama and Giuliani so I could actually choose between two people I liked. Oh well. Looks like McCain and Obama now. Makes my decision easy since, I don't know, McCain is crazy?

LOST is only two days away. I still remember watching two seasons in about two days with Jamie in my office and trying to ration them because they were so good. I recall reading that Lost hadn't filmed the whole season because of the writers strike and that would suck it they only had a handful. I wish they had filmed the entire show and could release it as needed. Without Lost, and now that football season is over, I really don't turn on the TV at all except to play Guitar Hero with Chris so I was really looking forward to having some TV-time to take the edge off what I believe to be the single most stressful time of my life.


Tree (Unknown)

McCain is not crazy. Hillary is Satan & talks like a phonetical robot and Obama is a toddler.

Mike (Unknown)

Oh, McCain is crazy. There is no doubt about it. I agree with you Hillary which why I hope Obama toddles his way to the White House.



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