Rhythm Method | 01/30/08

That last time Chris and I got together to beat GH3 on Co-Operative mode it was decided that after only making it 78% of the way through Metallica's One about 4,000 times we'd switch parts. With Chris now on lead we have officially made it into "A" range, topping out at 93% of the song. I never really felt strongly about Metallica one way or another but since we've played One so many times that I'm starting to really hate them. After playing the rhythm guitar part so many times now I'm pretty amazed that James Hetfield is able to both sing and play that part.

Looking back at the Red Zeppelin Time Machine yesterday I concluded that (for at least as long as I've been blogging) the last week of January has always been really bad to me. It's a weird combination of just bad decisions on my part (see: Leaving RD last year) and life just taking a big dump on me (see: FSU years). At least this year I have Guitar Hero going for me.


Tree (Unknown)

Metallica sucks. Plus the production values on that album are awful. Lousy late 80s music.



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