Glad You Asked | 02/03/08

I didn't really watch the Super Bowl but I was able to manage to see the first quarter and it looked pretty competitive. I also caught from about 0:40 - 0:20 of the 4th quarter but I had to go before seeing if Tom Brady could pull it out (he couldn't). Go Giants.


Mark (Unknown)

What happened to Evil vs. Stupid and 56-3 and all that?

Mike (Unknown)

That's why they play the games.

Tree (Unknown)

Why in the hell would you root for a New York team? No true Chicagoan would ever do that. I'd say the Giants benefited greatly by playing the Patriots in Week 17. I didn't watch any of the game; too annoyed by all the hype of the game & the hype of the commercials. And if anyone saw the way Eli played in the regular season, no one in their right mind would crown him a champion. Plus from a purist perspective, this is a horrible outcome: a #5 Wild Card seed beat the #1 AFC/NFC team. Of course the NFL won't care 'cause the #1 & Evil Market won. New York is the Evil, not Boston. Get that straightened out.

Mike (Unknown)

Sorry, I phoned in this entry. Hectic weekend.

BU (Unknown)

Apparently Tom Brady couldn't "pull it out" with Gisele either.



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