Last Entry of the Year | 12/19/03

Today will be my last real entry until the first week of next year. I remember checking Brian's page 5-10 times a day last year (and probably the year before) because I was so bored even though the updates were weekly at best. I remember being pissed at him for not doing them daily, since his online journal was the only think reminding me that I would be able to return back to Florida, where Chompy did not have to sleep in a crate and I could go to bed at 2am without waking anyone up. Speaking of Chompy not being in her crate, she made it up on the pool table tonight while I was picking up my dad from the airport and opened her presents AND got into her travel bag and ate some of her food AND her leash. That bitch. I spent the day cleaning up and finishing my Christmas shopping. I was not entirely successful, though. I did finish my mom and Chompy, though. I still need to find my brother something small to go with his other present. I just flat out forgot to buy something for my grandparents. Oops. I looked for a Euchre deck with a Euchre stick but I couldn't find one at Toys R' Us so I gave up. I got some new fish today with Jamie. I don't know why black guys are so much nicer to use than the white guys but they are. Maybe I just have a grudge against that kid who didn't give me free fish even though I keep that place in business. There are six new fish in the tank now. After the apartment was cleaned, I picked up my dad from the airport tonight at around 11:30pm and we came home where I folded my laundry and put him to bed. It's now 1:09am in the morning and I'm not very tired. I'm sad about writing my last entry because it's very rare that I actually do something consistently for over a month. I usually am good for about three weeks before I give up on New-Thing-X. I'm going to try to send entries to Jamie (I have nothing else to in Chicago) and she's going to try to put them online for me while I'm gone so people like me doing get pissed at me. Chicago-ho.




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