Small Victories: 2008 Edition | 02/07/08

It's been almost two years since the last small victories entry. A lot has changed since then--including the fact that I'm not really as caught up with people's small victories as I used to be. Because of this, today's list isn't as comprehensive as it probably should be so feel free to post your own victory as a comment.

First--to Chris and me in arguably the smallest of the small victories for finally beating Guitar Hero 3 on Co-Op last night. After playing Metallica's One about ten billion times Chris finally carried us through the wheedelies and into the promised land of Expert/Hard GH3 Co-Op Fame. You scoff but let's see you do it.

To Chris E., for turning in a completed draft of his dissertation yesterday to JPC.

To Jamie, for fending off elitest lawyers-to-be from across the country and getting a slot at the ultra-competitive US Attorney's Office for the summer.

To Kathy, for having GW create a tenure-track position just for her (if she wants it).

Old News: To Chris G., who was accepted into the Ph.D Linguistics program at IU (like there was any doubt)

To me and Matt, for having our first movie score finally put into the film and getting another gig from that success.

In other news I'm moving in about a month. I know nothing is official until it's been blogged so let this serve as my notice.

Finally, how are they writing those LOST episodes? With a dart board? I don't understand Ben at all. Sawyer/Locke are about to kill him. He said they need him but when they ask for answers he only gives the most basic one-worders? Come on, if your life were on the line you'd be much more inclined to spill more beans that just saying "They're looking". Whatever, I don't plan on missing an episode anytime soon.


T-Chris (Unknown)

I don't know if I "carried" us, per se. It was probably more of the case that in my panic over the 6 trillion notes in that solo, I hit just enough of them for us NOT to get booed off stage. But hey, a win's a win, right? I'll take an ugly W over a pretty L any day (or whatever's the opposite of an "ugly" W).

Mikee (Unknown)

I got 78%--you carried us.

BU (Unknown)

Haha, I didn't know Muse made it into Guitar Hero.

Mike (Unknown)

That song is a real arm-grinder too. I like it a lot.

SC (Unknown)

Mike, I hope you can carry me when we play next.

KBS (Unknown)

Might I add one for Brian: To Brian, for taking a REAL vacation and planning a trip outside the country for the first time in his life.

Mike (Unknown)

Oh yeah! Welcome to how the other half live.

Elena (Unknown)

Where you moving to?

Mike (Unknown)


Elena (Unknown)

Cool! Maybe we'll finally be able to get down there again and see you guys - we're only 2 hours away from DC (well, more like 2.5 depending on where you're going.) Good luck with the move!

Mike (Unknown)

Thanks :) It's about time I joined the beltway along with everyone else I've ever met.



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