Aching...Everything | 02/11/08

After work last night I played tennis for a little over an hour with a new friend from Starbucks (Mike), his girlfriend and one of their other friends. Despite playing doubles I was still painfully sore when I got home--I don't even want to think about how bad it would have been had he been running me around the court by myself. I was by far the worst player although I wouldn't say that the three of them were "good" but rather you could tell they played a lot and were comfortable doing long rallies. Because I didn't know them very well I avoided my favorite (and most despicable move): charging the net after every shot. Although we lost the only match we played it still felt (kind of) good to run around for a while but then...

...I got home and started packing. The lofty goal was to have my office done but all I managed to get through was a couple shelves of my closet and the two bookcases by my door. I ordered a set of drum set cases online to protect the drums-formerly-owned-by-P-Chris so those are still sitting in my closet. Although I felt like I didn't make much progress, looking back I actually do have almost everything in there packed that's coming with me except Abby's cage and my computer. I have enough stuff going to RH to keep their thrift store going until 2030 but because it's all sitting in piles the progress looks less significant than it really is. Like I told Chris last night, if I can do 1/3 of each room each night (and factoring in procrastination) I should be good to go by the end of the month.


BU (Unknown)

I totally expected you to end the post after "but then..." so you could use the other half as a cheap and easy update tomorrow.

Mike (Unknown)

Tomorrow is the 12 of 12--there's no cheating for that one.



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