Belated 12 of 12 | 02/12/08

7:30am: I'm not drunk but ever since Food Guy ran out of friends I get a lot more petting.

7:50am: Brrberry. Thankfully the Taurus cranks up to 90 in the mornings.

8:30: You see a cluttered office. I see moving boxes in-waiting.

11:00am: Wow, I just put myself to sleep.

12:30pm: Another gloomy day.

5:30am: "Dinner". I couldn't even finish my non-pig meal.

9:00pm: Matt and I about to get down to business...

9:30pm: petting Chompy.

9:45pm: Hi, I'm the lens inspector.

10:00pm: You'd think being 18 days away from DC would motivate me a little more to at least get my office closet cleaned out all the way.

10:30pm: Pack...Guitar Hero...Pack...Guitar Hero...Trying to cram the games in while I still have someone to play Expert Co-Op with me.

1:30am: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were keeping your clean clothes in my sleeping spot.


Tree (Unknown)

Okay, I'll bite. You're wearing a Yankees cap! A New York Yankees cap. Evil Empire... Steinbrenner.. subways that smell like piss. You're a Cubs fan.... It all doesn't make doesn't make any sense at all! Yeah I don't get it.

KBS (Unknown)

Wow, Matt's crazy hair is gone.

T-Chris (Unknown)

God I love Guitar Hero.



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