V-Day | 02/14/08

Happy Valentine's Day for those of you in love and happy some-random-day for those of you who aren't. Five years ago today was Jamie and my "kissaversary" on our first steel drum trip to Nowhere, Florida. This year was spent building boxes for the pending move (16 days) and, thanks to a fortunately-timed text from Jamie, watching Lost. How I forgot to turn of Lost at 9pm somehow escaped me between doing laundry and taping together dozens of computer boxes from work. On the whole I didn't think the episode was that great and seeing Ben fixing up Sayid at the end came as no surprise at all. I'm not sure how much seasons of Lost are left but I'd appreciate it if they started answering a few questions instead of just bringing up new ones. I'm not entirely sure how Hurley became the spy since his argument with Locke seemed genuine but apparently they're all just liars and traitors now. What I really want to know is what Locke showed them that converted them all from dissenters into believers--was it the talking cabin? And if it was that powerful of an experience why did they need to keep Ben locked up? And are all those passports his? You would think, since this clearly happened after 9/11, it would be impossible to forge valid passports so were those the passports of all the Others and Sayid just happened to pick up Ben's? And if Ben can do medical treatments, why did they need Juliette on the island? Questions abound.


sunshine (Unknown)

remember... they needed juliette for the whole creepy pregnant women dying subplot. Also I can't believe it's been five years since that trip. I remember I thought you and Jamie hated each other... ah the good times.

Mike (Unknown)

We did. Make no mistake.



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