Last Hoorah Weekend | 02/17/08

Yesterday was the last day of the "Last Hoorah" weekend. The weekend went by so quickly that I can only remember brief patches of it. On Friday night I packed up the rest of my office and got started on my bedroom, assigning most of clothes to boxes and effectively making a living-out-of-suitcase situation. On Saturday I worked on what will hopefully be my last programming project before I leave and Christine and Erick came by to snag my downstairs tank. Much to my surprise there were two living things left in there as well as a dead frog. Since I've never had frogs I'm not sure how it got in there. I went over to Matt's for a rehearsal, talking with Jamie and my new landlord(ess) about my DC apartment, went in to work, took a short nap, and then went out to the Warehouse for our gig. There weren't many people there but on the whole I think we played pretty well. After the gig I thought someone was peeing on my car but apparently he was just peeing next to it. I was distracted by the ensuing discussion and left my keyboard there; fortunately Kevin grabbed it for me. After the gig I went right to sleep and I think the stress of moving finally set in since I woke up every half-hour until 8am in a total panic that I had slept through something. I did some packing and cleaning before people starting showing up for poker in the hopes I could give away a bunch of stuff. Although Kevin took my old Playstation and a bunch of games, I didn't really get rid of any of the big stuff. Before started poker we played a couple rounds of Guitar Hero and I took Kevin to school. Chris won poker and I finished second (picture tomorrow). After the game Tim and Chris stuck around for a final night of NCAA football and we all took turns pummeling each other. The only close game was between me and Chris while the rest were complete blowouts. Alas, I will miss those games in DC because while I know I might be able to con someone into playing Guitar Hero with me I think I can safely say that the football game is going to gather dust.




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