13 Days | 02/18/08

The countdown has officially begun. With 13-Days left until D(C)-Day I'm hoping that throwing a nagging blog entry to myself will help get the rest of my plans in order. I'm trying to stave off the Chris Green Anxiety (herein CGA) that comes with not only having a lot to do but being dependent upon other people to take care of things. I still need to hear back from both landlords and frankly that's causing the most stress. Once the living situation is taken care of then I can fully turn my stress over to the administrative things: yelling at FSU for losing my insurance form, changing things with my address, and doing my taxes. I feel like I'm in good shape packing--once some of the furniture goes the only room I'll really need to pack is the kitchen since my office, bedroom and living room are boxed up for the most part. Last night I went to Target to get some more boxes and finally got around to replacing all the towels Abby has destroyed in one way or another. I also picked up a tool box since I keep finding more and more random screwdrivers hidden around the house and, the piece de resistance, a battery holder. It's no secret that I like to hoard batteries and since I had found quite literally dozens of each type I decided I would just buy a battery holder so that I was always aware of my stock and not buying a 36 pack of AAA batteries each time I went to the store. Hopefully I'll hear from both my landlords on Tuesday so I can get this show on the road.


Mike (Unknown)

Update: Current landlord situation resolved peacefully.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Maaaaan. That means you're moving, huh? Damn. Fine...leave me. Whatever. I don't care. *sniff*

Mike (Unknown)

You should just move too. DC is the new Tallahassee.

Jamie (Unknown)

Come join us Theory...it's a nice place to live. And, Amy flies through here :)

K-Chris (Unknown)

I don't know if I like this whole CGA thing...it makes me sound crazy.

BU (Unknown)

If CGA gains recognition on this blog, you guys could probably claim disability pay for it. Work the system.

Mike (Unknown)

Too bad Hillary and Barack didn't campaign here so I could have asked them if that would be covered in their Universal Health Care packages.

haha, my captcha is "Darty".



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