12 Days Left | 02/19/08

Man, I'm having some crazy dreams lately. The funny thing is that even though the past three have been absolutely horrible, it seems the topic of the dream has been addressed the next day but with the complete opposite result. As an example, two nights ago I had a very realistic dream I went to see my landlord about getting out of my lease. After a long discussion he said the best he could do was having me pay "a figure no less than this" as he handed me a post-it note with $10,000 written on it. Because it was so realistic I was in a panic yesterday thinking the dream was a bad omen. Surprise, surprise--not only did I not have to pay $10,000, I didn't have to pay anything. I didn't even need to pay for March. Weirdy. I'll take it though.

In other news Florida just passed that now evolution can be taught in schools but it needs to be called "The Scientific Theory of Evolution" to appease religious conservatives. To paraphrase Chris: Really? Seriously? It's still just a theory? You mean we can't prove evolution to the same exacting standards we can prove *poof*-here-we-are? Personally, I have no problem with them teaching Intelligent Design along with evolution but come on. Ignoring science that doesn't agree with your beliefs doesn't make it theoretical or untrue. Personally, I think there's room to hold onto your beliefs while still accepting facts but hey, what do I know?


T-Chris (Unknown)

I was always under the impression that evolution was taught as a "theory" in the first place, Darwin's "Theory of Evolution." So much for church and state being separate...they never really were in the first place.

Jamie (Unknown)

Evolution has always been taught in FL schools

Mike (Unknown)

But until today they weren't allowed to call it that. On NPR they said they had to use "code words".

KBS (Unknown)

Okay, so how does today's photo correspond to the entry?

KBS (Unknown)

Wait, just got it. 12 days left. Duh.

Mike (Unknown)


Jamie (Unknown)

I went to school in FL, and we definitely studied evolution and called it evolution.



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