10 Days | 02/20/08

Weird. Ten days left. Yesterday I finished up all of the lease stuff and spent the night in front of the computer finishing up a bunch of stuff despite some serious server issues. The only thing I managed to get done on the packing front was a single load of laundry--the new set of replacement towels. I bought four more of each type of towel two nights ago to make up for ones that were used as part of Chompy's nest or destroyed by Abby.

I watched part of the Lunar Eclipse last night and it was pretty cool here--nice and bright red.

Tonight is Lost and will be my penultimate Lostahassee. I'm also picking up Abs from Jamie's mom so between those two things I'm not sure how much real packing I'm going to get done. My upstairs is pretty much bare except for the bathroom but I've been putting off the kitchen and I'm not really forward to it. Really, I've been putting off all the things I hate the most so I really have nothing left except the things I hate. Oh well, with only ten days left I need to suck it the f* up.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Either suck it the f*ck up or not move. I'm just sayin'...

Tree (Unknown)

Why would you buy towels before you moved?? Wouldn't that be more clutter to move?

Mike (Unknown)

I wanted to make sure I had a matching set. For the part though I agree--buying before you leave is very counterproductive.



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