Guest Entry: Jamie | 12/21/03

Hello everyone. Today marks the first guest entry into Mike's precious live journal. This is Jamie, and seeing as the readers would revolt if Mike didn't update this page over break, he will email me his entries and I will upload them regularly. Yes, he's that obsessed with keeping up with this thing. Since he's never been this devoted and consistent with anything in his life, I've decided to help him out. In case you were wondering how I'm doing, I have the flu, and it really sucks. The Ab and I are over here at Mike's right now to feed his fish. I'm also making some of his delicious chicken soup. I could make it at my house, but the only ingredients I actually own are salt and pepper, so I figured I'd steal Mike's. Yesterday I found a dead fish floating in the big tank--it was gruesome. I think it had been dead for about a week; I'll let you use your imagination as to how he looked. I flushed him. Today I found two more dead guys. I flushed one. The other decided to die in the most inconvenient spot ever, so I didn't scoop him yet. I'm putting it off because I'm going to have to move like 5 heavy rocks to reach him...damn fish. Okay, well here's Mike's email (exceptional grammar and all) about his eventful two-day drive to the exciting town of Naperville, IL. Enjoy. On Saturday, we left around 10am. We were somehwat delayed because Chompy ate her leash while I was picking my dad up at the airport. She also ate about half her trip food and pooped like a mofo later that night. Anyway, on the way out of town we stopped at PetCo. and I bought a new leash and some more treats. I didn't recognize any of the PetCo people. Well, that crazy lady with the tattoos that look like fourth graders pictures of their field trip to the morgue was there. She was nice, though she didn't give me anything free. We drove to Paducah, KY last night. The ride was uneventful for the most part. The only semi-stressful part was when Chompy's waterjug was discovered empty; it's contents soaking the entire backseat floor of the car. My dad insisted the best way to clean it up was with a single towel, ringing it when it was full of water. My idea was to just use all the dog towels and dry them out when we got to the hotel. Not wanting to be responsible for the first fight of the trip, I rang out the towels and did my best to pretend that did anything. We ate some Pizza Hut for dinner in Clarksville, TN. Mmm. There were seven Pizza Huts in Clarksville, despite a population barely half of Tallahassee's. We finally pulled into Paducah at around 10:30pm CST. My dad crashed and I stayed up to read more of this trashy John Grisham book. I read The Testament for about two hours and put down about 400 pages of it. It didn't strike me as a very good book but I guess if I'm going through it that quickly it can't be all that bad. Chompy was up and about during the night (my dad didn't make me crate her) and he took her out at 4am because apparently she was pacing. We left Paducah at around 10am this morning and I slept until about two hours short of Champaign. We ate a bite at Subway in the middle of nowhere and I took over the driving for the rest of the trip back. It was very monotonous but I only thought I was about to be pulled over once. The SatRadio worked well, even though my dad insisted on the CarRadio so he could get a mix of oldies not separated by decade. I discovered in my time driving (while he was asleep) that Hey Ya! is on the radio 24/7 on some station. We pulled into the driveway after 1038 miles around 4:30pm. Steve immediately commented on my balding and I, lacking anything witty, punched him (with my bald head!). After a home-cooked pot roast (c'est delicious!), Steve and I went to see LoTR 3. He paid for my ticket since he has a job and I don't. The movie was ok. The ending was about a half hour too long and I don't remember half the things from the movie being in the book. I give the movie a solid 7/10 , though and of course, a 10/10 for effects. Afterwards, we went to the new Baker's Square for a little grubbie-grub and I tried to convince Steve there is more to life than being mature. He was more mature when he was 12 than I am now and he pointed that out. I told him that I had a lot more stories than he ever would, which is also true. I have a feeling he tells my stories with him as the main character. How funny. Tonight, I'm going to pet Chompy and maybe, just maybe install some SimCity 4 up in he'a.




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