Nine Days | 02/21/08

I've never been one to find song lyrics particularly compelling but with only nine days left in Tallahassee I can help but find this tidbit from the The Rover pretty appropriate:

And our time is flyin' see the candle burnin' low
Is the new world rising, from the shambles of the old

The time is in fact flying and I do feel like the new world is "rising" from--while not necessarily the shambles--the staleness (at least) of Tallahassee. I keep on chugging on my last-minute projects and they're all almost done.

Since Jamie didn't watch Lost last night you'll have to mouse-select this next paragraph so I don't accidentally give anything away. I fell for it. I thought that the baby referenced throughout the episode was going to be the lovechild of Sawyer and Kate. On the whole I thought the episode was painfully boring and the only real piece of useful information (aside from Aaron of course) was that only eight people are rescued. I really just want some answers and more than "Claire didn't make it off the island". Come on people.

Ok, well that's that. This weekend I need to tackle the kitchen which means eating out a lot. Life's rough sometimes.


BU (Unknown)

Spoilers. According to the "official" story that Jack has been telling, 8 survived the crash on the ISLAND, but it still seems that only 6 made it back to the real world. This tells us that the entire story of the 48 survivors is being whitewashed somehow.

Mike (Unknown)

More spoilers.

Mike (Unknown)

Damn, I forgot it switches colors.

Mike (Unknown)

Even more spoilers. Do you think the rest die or are still on the island? I really want to know what the big deal was about Walt now--I feel like we haven't heard about him in ages.

Jamie (Unknown)

Thanks for not spoiling anything...very thoughtful