7 Days | 02/23/08

Steve comes into town a week from today and we leave the next morning. I guess technically there are eight days until we actually leave but in my mind next Saturday the truck is getting packed so that's good enough for me. Yesterday I finally finished up my last freelance project so now my focus is entirely on packing. I grudgingly went to Guitar Center not to see thousands of unsupervised children, but instead to get the last piece of storage for my trillions of instruments and a new set of guitar strings. Matt was kind enough to install these strings for my classical guitar and even though the top three drop a third if you set it down for a second it sounds a million times better than the old ones. I've already started looking for a teacher in DC because the classical guitar is just too beautiful to pass up if you have ample time to learn how to play it. Since I'm not going to escape apartment living for at least another year I'm not sure how happy my new neighbors will be about practicing pan or set so hopefully classical guitar will be a happy medium.

Abby surprised me by not having a "deliberate" (I've long-since given up calling them "accidents") all day. Score. Jara also joined Facebook and because I got the notification she's my friend I logged in to check her out. They've made a lot of modifications to that site. Wow. Makes me want to write a Facebook application. Have any ideas on what kind of application you would find useful? Let me know in the comments!


P-Chris (Unknown)

We've gotta try to make it down and see you guys after you get settled. as a man who lives next to a garage band I can tell you that your neighbors do appreciate the classical guitar. Of course then again you do play music, they just make a bunch of noise beating on drums, screeching a guitar and screaming (literally as if someone just set their crotch on fire) into a microphone.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, you really should make the visit. According to Google Maps it's only 107 miles--I didn't realize you were so close. I guess it really comes down to dogs since we all have them. I can get us tickets to the Cubs/Nationals game...(I know you could care less about that but I'm just throwing something out there).



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