Six Days | 02/24/08

Because I'm old and can't sleep in past like 7:30am anymore I managed to get a lot done on the packing front since I woke up so early. I'm getting to the odds-and-ends point which is both gratifying and incredibly irritating. Outside of the kitchen, anything that can be readily packed has been taken care of so now I'm struggling trying to figure out if it's worth moving lamps around to put in the stack or if my signed Cubs bat needs to travel in something more than six inches of bubble-wrap.

Good luck to Chris, who is about to defend his dissertation Form in the Music of U2: A,A and A,A'.

I spent a lot of the day playing guitar (not the one that plugs into the playstation) and let's face it, I rule. I'm sure private lessons will go a long way but I think I could safely fill in as the rhythm guitar of just about any band right now.

For your readers of the Urizone, Kathy and I are going to take you to school on Brian's Name That Tune challenge. You probably shouldn't even bother entering. You're going down.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Um, excuse me. It's "Form and STYLE in the Music of U2: A,A and A,A'." Duh. Can't forget the "style" part. Thanks for the well-wishes!

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, I bet the "style" took up a good paragraph.



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