Five Days and Ph.D | 02/25/08

Congratulations to Chris who successfully defended his dissertation today! After I dropped off Abby for her last week with Jamie's mom I met up with him and the usual cohorts for fun and festivities at Gil's. Before going over to Jamie's mom's house I packed up all the hidden clothes that had been attempting to avoid the trip to DC and discovered what can only be described as a medical and financial cache from the top of my armoire. I've shifted from salary to hourly at work for my last week so I only spent four hours there--I took "lunch" from 10:30 to 3pm (or the regular workday of a State Employee). I've assembled of Chompy's vet records and got most of her stuff packed up too. If she hadn't figured out that we were moving yet, she did today. I went by Publix to buy some stuff I didn't think I was going to be able find in DC, including an extra four boxes of Japanese Chicken Mix (bringing the total up to six). I canceled my cable and utilities and transfered everything except my postal address to be in DC. Because I won't have any internets from Friday forward I started working on something new to keep you, the swarming masses, entertained for a week while I'm in transition. It should be...something. Tomorrow I need to go to FSU on my five hour lunch and deal with all that crap.

All hail Dr. Chris Endrinal!


BU (Unknown)

Congrats Chris!

KBS (Unknown)

Defended his PhD, huh? Interesting. congrats, T-Chris!

T-Chris (Unknown)

I defended...something. Thanks everyone !

Mike (Unknown)

Come on, I wrote it last night at like 2am.

Mike (Unknown)

Ok, it's updated.

SC (Unknown)

Congratulations Chris!



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