Three Days | 02/27/08

And we're down to three days. Kathy and I snagged a tie for first-place in Brian's Name That Tune contest and now we're $5 richer in Amazon dollars.

Last night after work there was an impromptu-to-me party at Finnegan's and frankly, I got demolished. After getting a ride home Chris picked me up for our last night of fun. We went to Longhorn and went all out there before settling in for a game of football (he graciously let me win in a defensive struggle) and the plugged into Guitar Hero. We came perilously close to beating it but between some Lamb of God song and Free Bird that just was not going to happen. On the bright side, it'll will give us something to do when fate brings him to DC along with everyone else I have ever met.

Ricky took me out to lunch for the last time at Paradigm and we bickered about politics like we usually do. I'll miss Ricky a lot since he was my first "corporate" friend and I still stand by the fact I would have never made the transition from office-assistant type jobs to programming had he not been so blindly encouraging.

I've now had my "lasts" with the three friends I see the most--Chris, Ricky and Matt so now I really have no excuse not to get everything else done. And with only three days left, things need to get done.




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