2 Days | 02/28/08

With only two days left before DC I decided to take a break from packing to watch Lost. Since, like last week, Jamie has not seen it yet I won't divulge anything until right here...Holy crap. That was the best episode I have seen in a LONG time. I like the whole concept of Desmond's character and the episode confirmed the long-held notion that while you couldn't travel in time, your consciousness kind of could move around between various parallel universes. Awesome. I was wondering how they were going to do Desmond's future stuff and they did it exactly how I wanted it. Thanks writers! We haven't had a good science-y episode in a while so last night's was doubly welcomed in my book. I did find it weird that Dr. Physics looked older than Dr. Physics-On-The-Island but who cares. I'm also glad Desmond didn't die since to me his story is the most interesting. I'm curious to know how his future-flashes play into all of this. I would have to think that his "going back in time" and having whatever crap done to him caused it but who knows. My only complaint with the episode was that ending was lame and predictable. They should have just cut it off with Desmond recognizing Sayid. All in all, though, I'd give it an A.

In other news, I fell asleep before I could pack up all my electronics so that's just another thing I have to take care of today. I thought the moving company would have called me by now to confirm the truck but apparently they were up too late watching Lost. I better have that truck <:o


Jamie (Unknown)

Thanks again for not blabbing...I appreciate it!

P-Chris (Unknown)

Oh jamie, stop studying and watch Lost. Next year you're just going to have to have firdays off like I do so that you can watch it (yes i make my class schedule around Lost).

Jamie (Unknown)

I actually do have Fridays off, but I was at school until 10:30 last night at some stupid bluebook session for write-on. But, I am now all caught up, so discuss!!

sunshine (Unknown)

My current theory is that Ben is the mysterious "captain".

I also had this awesome theory about mid episode that Penny knew where Desmond was because he told her back in time and she remembered and started searching for him 8 years later... but they squashed that. It was still pretty awesome though.



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