DC: Alive (Barely) | 03/03/08

Steve and I rolled in to DC last night around 10:30pm thus ending what I can only describe as the most unfortunate moving experience ever. We only came to blows once and fortunately we were in different cars. I will expound later but remember this: NEVER, EVER, EVER, rent from U-Haul. That's my advice to you. On the bright side I already have a story to tell.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Glad you made it to DC in one piece. Can't wait to hear the story!

KBS (Unknown)

Ditto. Are you having a LOST party this week?

Mike (Unknown)

Heck yes I'm having a Lost party this week.

BU (Unknown)

If you can get cable in the District hooked up in one day's time, that's an accomplishment on par with getting your Masters at FSU. If that doesn't work, you are all welcome to come to Sterling to watch in HD on the big screen.

KBS (Unknown)

I'm so used to watching it on a dvr where we can skip commercials and not have to wait in agony for the next scene that I'm not sure I can watch it "normally" with commercials. Mike - you got a dvr?

BU (Unknown)

I unexpectedly have to be onsite on Thursday morning and then back in the office midday. There's no way I'm going to want to make a 2nd trip back to DC in the same day because I am a huge tool, so I'm just going to watch LOST in Sterling. You're still invited to poker though, and I'll come another week!



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