Guest Entry II: Jamie | 12/22/03

Hello. Here's Mike's reply to what I wrote yesterday--it's quite mean. Send him hate mail (coming up with witty replies will give him something to do). Oh Jamie, I didn't realize you were going to take over my journal! Your days are not full of the excitment that turns my world. Your dog, while sweet, lacks basic chomping noises. You don't even have two fishtanks! Hence, I do not think you should be allowed to have a journal. You can't even excite people by telling them which new fish you have purchased or about witty or insightful things your students said to you. Really, the only thing you have going for you is that you can talk about me, which is (obviously) the focus as well as most interesting subject matter in my journal. My day today. I went to bed at 5am after playing some serious SimCity 4. I awoke around 11am and played a little more. I then talked to Jamie and Mark online. Dial-up sucks. It's all up in the suckage. Mega-suckage to the max. To the max X-treme. Mad Maxxxtreme. Maxtreme. Soun ds like a tampon. I ate some freshly baked cookies for lunch and then played a little more SimCity. The game crashed and I didn't save it. I was pissed. I then went out to lunch and shopping with Mark and I forced him to go into all of the elitest stores in which I now shop. I tried to buy Steve (my brother) something but I kept getting sidetracked by me! I talked to the youngest gay man in the world today at the store where I bought Steve's present. He was the type of gay guy that they would put on TV; full of wrist twitching, eye batting and speaking mostly incoherently but spewing very, very complimentary things. He was nice enough once he finished his choreography to pull the sweater off the store mannequin for me since they were out of stock. He then went to talk to this girl and apparently he turned his gayness off and his voice dropped a couple of octaves and on the way out I overheard him mention his girlfriend. Whatever, I know nothing. We came bac k from the mall and I pet Chompy for a good long time. We also went to this place called Petland and MY GOD did they have a lot of fish that I want. Obviously, they wouldn't survive two weeks in any sort of bowl I had here so I guess I'm S.O.L (Fuego). I let my brother beat my ass at some video games, since our regular plans were cancelled. Here is a little rant (or two...or more!). I found out today my aunt is not invited to Christmas at our house this year. Apparently she got in a fight with my grandma and my dad took her Christmas-Day-Party priviledges away. Not that I blame him. My aunt is really irritating and I can't fathom what she could possibly argue with my grandmother about. I don't think I've ever heard her disagree with anything. I remember when I was about 12 and Steve about 8, we decided to type up a letter from the Neo-Nazi Party and ask her to renew her membership. Steve went out to get the mail at her house and stuck the letter in with her normal mail. When she opened it, she read it quickly and just tore it up with an eye roll. Admittedly, we were hoping for something crazy to happen. I don't know if my 12 year writing was near-enough to that of a Neo-Nazis' to make it believable (but I would imagine it was close.) Anyway, she was laughed it off and I ho pe she's one of the 99,99999999992% of American that doesn't read my online journal to know that we did that. I'm sure she figured it out, though. Whatever. Back to my aunt. I just don't understand how this fight happened. If she DOES come to Christmas and a fight is inevitable, do I say something? Do I let my dad handle it? I don't think either of us are really good in such situations. He raises his voice and I'm so sarcastic whomever I yell at usually cries. But who else would do it? Of course, I hope this doesn't happen and we can have a nice Christmas. I must say, so far my immediately family and I have all gotten along really well. There haven't even been any close calls. It's somewhat pleasant (*shock*gasp*). I discovered today that I left my charger to my cell phone in Tallahassee. I brought the one to my old phone so I'm not going to be making any calls until I get either a car charger Tallahassee. Finally, could there be anything more annoying than Fran Drescher in that Old Navy commercial when she says, "My shizzle's gone bizizzle!." I think not. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and maybe I won't write as much but man, I'm bored. Seriously. So if I'm this bored, there are probably other people out there reading this because THEY'RE that bored. So, you just go off and have a great night!




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