You Are Here * | 03/09/08

Since Jamie has been in Jacksonville visiting Meyer I've been left to my own devices. Yesterday I ventured out to Crystal City since that's where the closest Target apparently is. It took me a good half hour to get there and by the time I finally arrived I didn't really think it was worth the trip to spend $9 on two garbage cans so I went coat shopping. I was unsuccessful (again) but I did get a new pair of running shoes for my gallops through the Glover Park trails. I haven't gone yet today because I'm waiting for the temperature to get above 35--my Florida blood coagulates at anything below 60 so I fear I might be stuck inside for a while. It took me three tries to type "blood" because I typed "blog" the first two times; muscle memory at work.

When I got back from not buying a coat I made some lunch and built my dresser. It was 25 steps which was too many so I skipped the middle ten and it works just fine. I now have eleven tubs unpacked with only nine to go. My kitchen is now totally unpacked and usable but that's really about it. Both my living room and dining room need some furniture to be built and I started in on the dining room table last night but once I saw the number of directions needed to build a leaf-y table I elected to go to bed instead.

Chompy is still not used to all the noise so she spends a lot of her day walking around and growling. That's getting really, really old.


BU (Unknown)

Maybe you should tell Chompy to suck it the f*** up.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, I've told her like ten thousand times...getting nowhere.



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