Exercises in Futility | 03/10/08

I spent way too long building this little weather station last night. Hopefully when Steve becomes a world dictator he will decree that you can't make things for public use that have this mini-screws on them. Look, if you want to use mini-screws on things like airplanes or in vending machines fine--go for it. But please don't assume your average person has an eyeglass screwdriver set at his disposal. I eventually just gave up and ripped the back off and packing-taped it back it. On the bright side it works well and I know now it's 42F with 77% humidity without having to go outside...although I've already gone out with the dogs so maybe this wasn't the most savvy purchase.

I now have to walk to Starbucks because there is no place to park when I drive. I am apparently the only man not at work earning money for his wife and baby during the day. While at Starbucks there was a recruitment meeting going on for the Glover Park Mommy's Club. I'm not making up that name to feel like an outsider either--women and babies in large carts were being strolled around everywhere as if they were being shopped around at some sort of Chinatown market. "Oh you baby so cute!" "Oh no! YOU baby so cute!" Yeah yeah, all your babies are so cute. I really only saw one that was cute but I sure as hell wasn't about to say anything with the threat of being pelted with those Nygea bottles or whatever they're called.


Tree (Unknown)

Babies aren't cute. They're not cute at all.

Mike (Unknown)

Some are--in fact some are painfully cute.

P-Chris (Unknown)

Weather.com doesn't require any assembly.



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