1e+a 2e+a 3e+ | 03/11/08

Jamie flew back into town yesterday afternoon from Jacksonville and I made it to Reagan in about 15 minutes. With Brian's map I can now do no wrong. After I picked her up we caught a bus (gasp) to Tenleytown where we had lunch then got on the metro (gasp) so she could get fingerprinted for her internship and I could get my SMARTcard. The woman fingerprinting her kept trying to resend a fax and must have done it fifty times while we were there. Getting my SMARTcard was pretty easy although I was hoping it would somehow be smart enough to repel the stench of the homeless on the bus from infiltrating my nose but no, it's just not that smart.

After having dinner in Georgetown we came back to my house and built my dining room table and about 95% of the kitchen pantry. Because it was so late I didn't want to do any hammering or else that would have gotten done too. With those items complete I'm down to only needing to build my new dresser and a bookshelf. Once THAT'S done then I can finally finish up my office and empty out four of the remaining tubs. Awesome.


SC (Unknown)

I'm glad you're finally getting situated. Check your gmail.



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