12 of 12 | 03/12/08

7:06am: Apparently I'm still in 8-5 work mode because I always wake up at 7:06. Since I don't have anything formally scheduled I'm sure this will be a productive day!

9:30am: I am Chompy, keeper of the bed. I'm sure sleeping with the plugged-in laptop power cord was a great idea. Chompy and I have not been on the best of terms since I moved up here but rest assured this was not a veiled attempt to electrocute her.

9:45am: Can I PLEASE just steal ONE internet connection? I wish people in DC were as unsavvy about internet connections as the yokels in Tallahassee. There were at least two quality unsecured connections in my apartment there. Now I have to settle for some Mac one that barely works.

10:00am: Ok, there's no internet and it's not going to get any warmer than 45 so it's time to go run in Glover Park. Just look at the smile on my face--so much ambition and determination.

10:45am: Oh my God, it is so cold out there. I probably only "ran" for maybe 15 minutes of the 40 I was gone. I did learn however that there are many "trails" that go for about 100 feet and then dump you into a busy intersection. On the bright side, on my normal route I've started naming landmarks; be grateful I wasn't on Louis and Clark's expeditions or else there'd be a lot more areas of country known by names like Creepy Dude Tree and Dog Sh*t Bridge.

Noonish: I traded Jamie her old carpet and chair-mats for some Starbucks. I also got Abby a new toy elephant.

1:07pm: What a waste of money this thermometer was. If it's in fact 85 degrees outside then I easily ran about 26 miles this morning.

3:30pm: Here I am putting the glass doors on my new kitchen pantry. I've gotten pretty good using the timer on my camera. The doors don't close all the way but that will come in time. Rome wasn't built in a day.

4:45pm: I haven't had to do dishes by hand since July of 2001. With each passing day I feel more and more like a housewife--going shopping in the morning, running in the park, and then cleaning up the house. I just need a rich husband who totally ignores me except when he beats me and I'll totally fit in here.

8pm: Looks like I accidentally brought a bunch of pets with me from Florida--the plants that now live in my desk used to be outside and they apparently house several colonies of ants. I have a fun time mashing them on my new desk...I'm pretty sure this is what people did before the internet to pass time.

10:00pm: There was an accident involving a bus which blocked one lane and this bitch was in the blocked lane. Because I'm a courteous anti-gridlock driver, I didn't block the intersection when the light changed to red and she waited until there was no traffic coming before running the red to get ahead of me. Once the lanes went back to normal I pulled up next to her to yell and she pretended to not notice just like I did when I cut some guy off driving back from Union Station. No harm done but seriously, do you really think gridlocking an intersection is helpful to ANYONE? Really? Seriously?

11:30pm: Ooh, it's my scared face after watching the "After Humans" show on the National Geographic channel that showed what would happen to earth if every human died today. Long story short, everything would get better for every other species once the radiation died down. I couldn't stay awake through the next show on how oil is created. I did have some weird dreams about the world ending which were pretty interesting (more than I can say for my 12 of 12).


KBS (Unknown)

So wait - is that brick the outside or inside of your apt?

Mike (Unknown)

I think they took the balcony and built around it to make extra square footage inside--it seems to be the vogue thing in this neighborhood.

BU (Unknown)

Creepy Dude Tree is an excellent name.

Tree (Unknown)

Flipped your kitchen sink pic I see.

Mike (Unknown)

What do you mean by "flipped"--that's a natural shot.

Tree (Unknown)

Oh I see. The stupid Cubs mug is upsidedown. I've been noticing baseball photos where they flip the image and the logos appear backwards.

Stacie (Unknown)

Love the photo travelogue narrative thing ya got going there. And, as far as "After Humans" goes, you should read "The World Without Us" by David Wiesman. The only dreams I have are ones where the world is ending. Though I did have a dream a few weeks ago that the weather was going to improve (finally!) and that the cast of Cheers was dying off.



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