Miker! | 03/13/08

Other than seeing Miker and saying "Miker!" like four hundred times, I was really disappointed with the whole episode. I audibly called Jin's timeline was out of order with Sun's and that there was no way Jin was alive (at least Oceanic Six alive). Like Brian, I totally saw Miker as the spy on the ship and the fact Sun didn't try to kill Juliet for spilling the affair-beans is totally beyond me. Jin is one of my favorite characters and I'll be sad to see him go when that time comes.

Last night's show did open up one big question to me which was if Penny's dad somehow "bought" 341 bodies to account for each person being dead then how are they going to explain the Oceanic Six? That there just happened to be an extra six corpses at the bottom of the ocean in that exact spot? Whatever, I guess we'll see.

I sat with one of my new neighbors outside last night while our dogs raced around the backyard and beat each other up. I cleaned up my office a bit and rearranged some things to give myself a little more room. I also emptied out another tub. Exciting, I know. I made Jamie and myself some filet and mashed potatoes before Lost. I also set off my smoke detector for the first time. Good to know I won't be able to sleep through that.




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