St. Uri's Day | 03/16/08

Since Jamie was finishing a hellish workweek I had the weekend to myself. On Saturday night Kathy came into town for Anne's birthday party at the Geht-O nightclub down off 14th street. Before the party we met up with Jamie for a dinner at Cafe Deluxe where were treated ourselves to not only a delicious dinner but awesome desserts afterwards. Upon leaving the restaurant we dropped Jamie off and headed downtown to find this jazz club. The area could have been a lot worse but at the same time it's sad to see half-million dollar houses with bars over the windows and way too many people stoop-sitting at 11:30 at night--making those half-million dollar houses worth something in the narrow "Mike Could Buy It" range. It was good to see Anne and she had a bunch of people there. The band was ok--they only played two songs the whole time they were there but sounded pretty solid during All Blues and whatever jamsong they played after that. Since neither Kathy nor I knew anyone else we stayed cliquish talking only to Anne and peaced out after an hour. We safely made it back to the car (past all the stoopers) and I was safe and sound by 12:30.

On Sunday I spent the day cleaning my bedroom and ruthlessly going through my clothes to see what I could safely get rid off. I actually got almost everything off the floor and with the exception of the huge stack of "put these in the dryer to get the wrinkles out" I feel like I made a lot of noticeable progress. I also did another batch of dishes, resorted the clutter in my living room, and took out a bunch of trash. I left at exactly 4pm for the Urizoo for the St. Patrick's Day extravaganza. I brought GH so I could help spread the word and hopefully create more addicts since Chris won't be coming up for a new months. I could get to like that corned beef--seriously. After dinner it was time for board games and Anna ruled them. The first game we played had a bunch of The New Yorker cartoons that you had to caption. Mine were horrific and my lone winner is pictured here. I had a good time laughing hysterically at a couple of my answers though. After that we played some Apples to Apples and whatever skill I used to have at that game is now officially gone. Maybe it's the cold weather up here. After that it was time for Cranium and Brian and I pulled off the upset in the Boys vs. Girls despite my inability to sing and a thorough lack of knowledge of Happy Days. Around 11:30 I trekked back and was safely at home by 12:15. I must have taken a different route than last time because I had to pay two tolls on my way back instead of one. Next time I go out there I'm taking River Road; the novelty of Georgetown is officially gone.


Tree (Unknown)

I've never had corned beef. Not something common in a house full of Swedes.

Mike (Unknown)

It's good; you should have some next year.



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