New To DC | 03/17/08

Now that I've lived in DC for two weeks I think I'm ready to give an opinion of what I've experienced so far. Since I lived in Milwaukee for four years I have a reference point as far as what a city should and shouldn't be and for the most part I'm really happy up here. To that end, let's start with the good stuff.

The drivers up here are great--sure they're more cranky than in Milwaukee or Tallahassee but they hit each other a lot less frequently than anywhere else I've lived. I also live in a really nice neighborhood with a great park almost directly behind my house. It's so nice that I've had a very easy transition from a sedentary lifestyle into one that involves walking/running for at least an hour a day. People, while not as "friendly", as they were in Tallahassee, are at least neutral and I haven't come across any mean strangers yet--but then again I haven't ventured into where all the politicians are yet.

Now onto the less savory things: the traffic is awful and trying to leave town through Georgetown is a nightmare. To get to Brian's I spend an equal amount of time in the mile between my house and I66 and the 20 miles from there to his place. The weather is exactly the same every day: cold in the morning, slight warm-up in the afternoon and rain at night. It's expensive as hell. There are no "general stores" even remotely close by. I just want to buy some hangers and it's going to take me over an hour round-trip to get some?


BU (Unknown)

Try Reservoir-Canal-Glebe-ChainBridge-GWParkway-495 sometime. If the Glebe bridge is crowded, stay on Canal all the way up to the ClaraBarton/495 exit. Watch out for late night deer though.

The number one traffic-coping skill up here is to go when no one else is going. If you shift off the basic rush hour schedule by just an hour or so, and learn all the back ways, it's much more reasonable.

Mike (Unknown)

I just looked up that path and that looks really promising.

The bigger problem though (one that I can't really help) is that there aren't any stores I need really anywhere at all near me.

Jamie (Unknown)

Go to the container store for's a mile away.

Mike (Unknown)


KBS (Unknown)

That's the way I drove to your house, and it was a really good route.



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