Guest Entry: Chompy (the dog) | 03/19/08

My name is Chompy and I'm a bad, bad dog. Food Guy was too mad to write an update today but he mentioned yesterday that he put up new pictures of Abby's Birthday Party, a steel band gig, and Christmas 2006. He's really mad at me right now because I have been really terrible since we moved out of Tallahassee. I was good sport on the ride up--I really was. I wasn't even that bad when all of my treats and toys were packed up and moved out of the house. However, now that I'm here I am a total bitch.

My new favorite hobby has GOT to be running away. I've discovered a small gap between where our fence meets our neighbors fence and with a running start I can get enough height to where it's high enough for me to fit. Until today Food Guy was clever enough to open a car door and trick me into getting in it but today I got smart. The FIRST time I escaped today I made it all the way into our neighbor's front yard before Food Guy corralled me. Fortunately it was so wet from yesterday's torrential rains (that really scared me, by the way) that while he was carrying me down the steep slope back into the house he fell down the stairs and *bam* I was free again. The SECOND time I escaped I wasn't dumb enough to go back to where I'd be caught so easily. I took off down the alley hoping that the many trucks collecting trash coming at us would slow him down. I know it's kind of weird because if I'm on a leash in the alley I rear back and act as though Satan himself is going to eat my soul if I go more than 10 feet away from the house but it must have something to do with the leash because I was off! I made it down to Davis Road before Food Guy tackled me in a big patch of mud. He mentioned feeling lucky to have been wearing his old leather jacket (that smells like good times) while he carried me back. Once he carried me all the way back he had the audacity to tell me, "Chompy. You're in big trouble, Chompy". Can you believe that?


SC (Unknown)

Not good, but I'm glad you caught her...twice.

Chompy (Unknown)

You mean, got caught twice.

SC (Unknown)

Oh yeah.

KBS (Unknown)

Chompy! You're in big trouble, Chompy!

Tree (Unknown)

Chompy, you are SO going to get your ass kicked. Bad dog! Bad! Bad bitch! Stay! Staaaaaaaaaay.......! You may think you're smart Chompy, but humans will ALWAYS be smarter! Baw-hahahaha! Humans RULE! And we don't lick our own crotches, either!

K-Chris (Unknown)

...but if we could...we would...



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