Reverse Day | 03/20/08

Taking the day in reverse--9am (this morning) I had the rugs collected and thrown away. By 5am I had all of the poop cleaned up and a good portion of the barf. At 3:30am I heard Chompy yaking. At 3am I couldn't fathom why Chompy hadn't stopped pacing yet. At 12:30am I went to bed. At 9pm I had just gotten home to watch Lost. That was a good episode; more later. At 6:30pm I left for the auction. At 2:30pm I went running. Before that, I worked on the newest Call For Scores.

Now, in order starting from yesterday morning. After wrangling Chompy I went over to Jamie's apartment to pick up Abby for a day-long play date since Jamie was going to be at school all day. I got back and worked on my newest piece and although it's nowhere near completion it feels good to write it. Around 2:30 I decided it was time to run so I got changed and charted a hefty goal for myself--a solid five miles. A good hour into the trip I got lost in the woods; really lost. By the time I got home two and a half hours later I had walked almost 11 miles and got a lovely tour of my quarter of DC. I knew I was in trouble when Virginia was across the street and the Washington Monument was in plain sight. I quickly got changed for the AU Law Auction and quickly discovered that, somehow, I didn't have any black socks to wear with my suit. I don't really know how this is possible since in Tallahassee I owned at least a dozen identical ones. I met up with Jamie and her friends and they started auctioning a bunch of things I wanted that I didn't bid on. At 8:45 I left early to get home to watch Lost. Good thing! That was a great episode--almost good enough to make up for last week's bomb. I'm not sure if Jamie's watched it yet is Widmore's outfit so lame they didn't check up on "Kevin Johnson's" real information? You would have thought they'd been more careful. If Walt was this big-time character why is he still living with Miker's mom and not in the possession of The Others? It's interesting to me that Miker can't die. Finally, when did Jin give him his watch and when did Tom time travel to find him?...after Lost I chatted on the internets for a while, played with Abby, and called it a night (until all of Chompy's Expel-This episode came on a few hours later).


T-Chris (Unknown)

So, first Chompy tries to escape (I assume she's trying to run back to Tally). Then, she's up all night puking. Man, not a good stretch for the pup.

Tree (Unknown)

Mr. Yuppie goes out for his jog and almost ends up in another state. Perhaps you should stick to running around the block or a treadmill.

Mike (Unknown)

I'm not a yuppie--I'm just trying to get fit (and nothing does that quite like an 11 mile trek).

Yeah, Chompy's having a rough go but she seems to be a-okay this morning.



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