Easter Weekend | 03/23/08

Happy Easter! On Friday night I met up with Brian, Rebecca & Co. for sushi at Kotobuki on McArthur. One of my personal goals for moving to DC was to never be late for anything. I parked at 6:05 for dinner at 6:30 but unfortunately by the time I realized I had parked over a mile away I strolled in at 6:35. Oh well, I made it three weeks. After dinner we dropped the Taurus off and headed out to Arlington for fun and games. It was like a seventh grade band trip but without the make-out session--I hadn't played BS since then and I certainly hadn't played it sober since then. Brian gave a primer on how to play poker a few hours later and I went out on the first hand on a gut shot straight draw. If you can't loosen up with no money on the line and seven chips, you're not living.

On Saturday I watched a lot of college basketball and starting developing my new project, codenamed Heaven. It will be a lot of programming but that's one of the perks of being your own boss--lots of time to do what *you* think is important. I also churned out a lot of stuff on my new piece and made a trip out to Target and got that big dent taken out of my car while at Starbucks by a kindly stranger. I divulged the secrets of the internet to him and after an hour of note-taking he (a manager of an auto body shop) said he's check out the car. For a $4.35 coffee he took the dent out and it looks really good; not bad for an Easter present.

Easter morning I got up at 7:30 to open the Easter Care Package from my mom, took a shower, and then went to pick up Jamie for church. Like most Easters it was clear and nice although pretty darn cold. Jamie and I dropped the car off at the metro station and then took the train to meet up with some of her friend who were going to church with is. We went to the Episcopal church across from the White House and apparently W. himself was at the 7am service. I believe it because I saw crayon all over the pew in front of the one labeled "Presidents Pew". After church Jamie worked on law stuff while I pet the dogs. We met up again around 3:30 to go to lunner (lunch/dinner?) at the Beacon Street Grill which was a buffet. We ate for a couple of hours, picked up Abby, and I dropped the two of them off and came home where I added limited Easter Pictures and tried to beat Super Mario I (that's right, for the original Nintendo). I made a couple of rules: no warping and no using the internet to look anything up. I died in 5-1 the first time and 5-2 the second time. That's kind of embarrassing but I never beat the game as a kid so I want to get that checked off my list. I also added the photos from the 4th of July last year at Chris E.'s house. Hope you had a relaxing weekend.


Tree (Unknown)

You need to do the 2nd Koopa Troopa turtle thing on the steps in World 3-1. Start jumping on the front of its shell and get Mario in a rut to keep jumping. Eventually you'll get tons of extra lives. Not that I need them or anything.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Dude, you never beat SMB?!? Yikers.



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