Crime in America | 03/24/08

On Friday someone spray pained the bus stop by my house. I don't really understand the allure of graffiti. Most crimes, as I was telling Brian and Rebecca, I get--hey, I need some money so give me your money. Crimes like this are totally beyond me. How does spray painting your JH in huge red letters on the side of a bus stop accomplish anything? It's not like from that point forward you're the only one who gets to ride the bus. Thanks for defacing my nice neighborhood.

Speaking of defacing my nice neighborhood, there are Obama and Hillary signs everywhere. I feel like a freshman in high school all over again in the sense that because SO MANY people like Obama for really stupid reasons that it makes me like him less. This, in case you were too cool to know, reminds me of high school because if you liked a particular band and then they got popular you had to hate them. Such are the ways of the world. I think he's really smart and he certainly speaks well; I'm probably going to vote for him. That said, I don't consider him an anti-establishment campaigner--he did grow up in a life of privilege and is just as out of touch as any other politician when it comes to be "outside" or having any idea how "regular" people go about their lives. I'll give John Edwards (a very bad speaker, not very smart) a waiver here since he grew up poor and made his own riches. Way to go John--but you went to Clemson, which says a lot.

In other news, Chompy ran away again this morning and took off out the alley onto somewhat-busy 39th Street (more busy than the alley). I also watched a special on how bread is made on the History Channel. It was so riveting that I was asleep by 11:30.


Tree (Unknown)

Spraying painting is all about marking gang territory or just some punkass kids spraying shit on things. Hell, someone even spray painted some letters on the public fence behind my house, of all places.

And I would vote Obama over Hillary. Hillary is pure evil. I'd go with the one who isn't a career politician. Hillary will try to do a lot more damage and it would take decades to fix it.

Jamie (Unknown)

I don't think the gang explanation works for Mike's yuppie neighborhood. Probable a bored rich kid. Annoying nonetheless.

Vote for Obama :)

Tree (Unknown)

Ah ha! So I KNEW he was a yuppie! Is Mike gonna grow an out-dated goatee and use his batheing oils and get $200 Nationals tickets for Cubs games? Yuppie yuppie yuppie!

Jamie (Unknown)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being successful enough to live in a comfortable home in a safe part of town.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, $200 tickets doesn't make me a yuppie. It just means I have a job and am careful with money so I can afford things like that.

Tree (Unknown)

Damn.... Who knew yuppies were a bit sensitive?



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