Out on the Town | 03/25/08

Around 10:30am I took a shower, a deep breath, and then set out into DC's vast public transportation system. I caught the bus by my house to the metro stop and then took the metro down to Foggy Bottom to meet Kathy for lunch. I have to believe that Foggy Bottom was named by someone like me running around the pre-developed swamplands of DC. If I were in charge of renaming the area today I think I'd have to go with Skinstafack (Sketchy-into-students-after-a-block). I'll know I've really "made it" in DC when someone other than me refers to Foggy Bottom as Skinstafack. Because I'm no longer late for things, I was there a good 45 minutes early so I walked around listening to the practicing students. Around noon Kathy was done with her office hours so we headed out to a converted-pharmacy for a Loop-like lunch. They served tater tots instead of fries and the BLT I had was awesome. We hung out there for about three hours drawing on the paper table cloth and discussing profound issues such as the role of the Night Elf in Warcraft.

I got home in a lot less time than it took me to get there so I went for a short, known, run. My calves are still pretty sore from the lengthy exploits of the past few days so the long, uphill walk back was especially grueling. I took a quick shower then threw Chompy in the car to go pick up Jamie in Ab for Errands & Date Night. Our first errand brought us out to PetSmart in Bethesda where the dogs got their nails clipped in the hopes they'd stop sounding like those Under Armor commercials: click-clack. After we dropped them off we went to Old Europe, which is a very short walk from my house, for some German food. The beers were excellent and my viener schnitzel was too. I can handle German food--meat and some sort of potato product. After dinner we came back to my house and I got a haircut, which I was needing pretty badly. I wasn't in the mood to clunk around building my wardrobe so unfortunately that didn't get done. Alas.


BU (Unknown)

Now's a good time to get addicted to Warcraft. It's easier than running all over.

Mike (Unknown)

But exercising is kind of fun. Most of the horror stories about it weren't true.


Oooh, yes, I've totally eaten at that restaurant. Yum!



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