John McCain in love | 03/26/08

As I clean off my computer I'm trying to use up all the random pictures I've saved and today I elected (get it?) to go with this one with John McCain appearing to really enjoy hugging. The look on his face looks like the same one that a young grandchild gives while hugging a beloved grandparents. Whatever, you'll never beat Obama so wipe that smirk off your face.

I spent most of the day working on my piece and by the time evening came around I was a good 90% or so done. I didn't go running until about 4pm and while I tried not to get lost I did want to start going further so I wound up going on a very similar path to the one I took when I went all the way around Georgetown. On the bright side it was an absolutely beautiful day and I could have easily made a coffee table book about flowers had I had my camera with me. I really like the route I took yesterday in terms of the length (just far enough to hurt, not far enough to make me want to kill myself or cry) but the fact that there is no sidewalk on Reservoir and a lot of hospital traffic makes me not really want to go that way. The French Embassy is marked as the "A" flag. It's a really beautiful building and, as I cut across their front yard, I couldn't help wondering how many cameras were watching me trot along.

In other news, Jamie was elected a place for the Criminal Law Society and to be the president of the Womens Law Association. Brian and Rebecca are getting ready to leave for Europe in a few days too. Their departure will effectively halve the number of friends I have in DC so if you're planning on moving here, this weekend would be excellent; I can totally help you move in.


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Working on my 2008 MLB picks. Would like to see yours on the blog eventually.



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