100 Years | 03/28/08

The Cubs haven't won the World Series in a long time. They haven't even gone to the World Series in my parents' lifetimes let alone mine. I remember watching the last game of the NLCS in 2003--we had a gig that night at the FSU Black Student Union and I would call Steve in between songs to get status updates. I got home for the painful last three innings and with Jamie safely asleep had myself a little cry when they lost. It wasn't really the loss that made me cry--it was all the old people dressed in Cubs regalia knowing they'd die before the Cubs would be this close again.

I've gotten my hopes up before (see last year) but I feel pretty good about this year. I don't feel all that great about the Cubs themselves--you have Marquis AND Dempster in the starting rotation and Lieber in the 'pen when Lieber was the only one to pitch really well this spring? Ronny Cedeno is still on the team and I can't stand him. I have no idea what people see in him; at least Matt Murton will be banished to AAA (at least until Soriano rips a quad in the second game swinging at a pitch over his head). Whatever--the Cardinals are a mess (I could probably make their starting rotation). The Brewers are already getting hammered by injuries. The Astros are either too old or too young to be playing (or on steriods). The Pirates are playing with all AA players and the Reds...well, they have Dusty Baker who will ensure all of their great pitching is completely exhausted by the All-Star break and totally unable to pitch the second half. Go Cubs!


Tree (Unknown)

And what is your insight on the rest of the league and teams? I noticed your boy Prior is already on the 60-day DL in San Diego. It's going to be a very fun summer, we have our most incompetent manager back in Cincinnati, which should give us lots to write about. "Reds starter throws 143 pitches in 8 innings in Reds blowout 17-3 win."

SC (Unknown)

"They're singing, Go Cubs, Go! Go Cubs, Go! Hey Chicago, whatta ya say, the Cubs are gonna win today..."

Tree (Unknown)

But they're NOT going to win today, Steve! I hope you read today's Tribune. Rick Morrissey was serving up some humble pie, talking about how not-so-good that the Cubs starting rotation is. Honestly, Lily, Dumpster, Lieber and Marques doesn't exactly set the world on fire. Cubs should have traded Marques, 'cause he doesn't belong in the rotation. The Trib also had a 100 Cubs trivia questions, plus insight on a possible another bad century of Cubs baseball.



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