National Cathedral | 03/30/08

On Sunday morning I met up with Jamie to take in a service at the National Cathedral. Since it's only four blocks away from me I thought it would be cool to go. It's beautiful inside but the volume of tourists was a little ridiculous. It's no secret I'm not the most devout practitioner of faith but seriously people, have some respect. If you're in the National Cathedral and there's a service going on maybe, just maybe you shouldn't be swearing at your kids. Or looking like hell. I can understand if it's like a Tuesday at 4pm and you're on a tour but come on--Sunday at 11am is not the time to let your kids be scooting around with their hidden-wheels-inside shoes. Suck it the f* up and have a little bit of respect for the people who are attending the service.

Because baseball season starts tomorrow I guess I should pass along my 2008 Predictions. Away we go:

AL East
1) Yankees
2) Devil Rays(?!)
3) Red Sox
4) Blue Jays
5) Orioles (AND they'll lose 100 games)

AL Central
1) Tigers
2) *Indians
3) White Sox
4) Minnesota
5) Royals

AL West
1) Mariners
2) Angels
3) A's
4) Rangers

NL East
1) Mets
2) Phillies
3) Nationals
4) Braves
5) Marlins

NL Central
1) Cubs (duh)
2) *Reds
3) Brewers
4) Pirates (no really)
5) Astros
6) Cardinals

NL West
1) Diamondbacks
2) Rockies
3) Padres
4) Giants
5) Dodgers

Cubs beat Diamondbacks
Mets beat Reds
Mets beat Cubs

Tigers beat Mariners
Indians beat Yankees
Tigers beat Indians

World Series
Tigers beat Mets in six games.


Tree (Unknown)

A couple of things...

No way the Tampa Rays finish second. Not possible. If anything, the non-Blue Jays have a better shot. No way the Reds finish 2nd. Dusty is going to wreck and ruin that pitching staff into the ground. Seriously, WTF was management thinking in bringing Dusty for a bunch of young guys?? As for the rest of the NL Central, 3rd-6th place it really dosen't matter. There is no way the Giants will finish fourth over your "Dogers" and the Nationals are easily one of the worst NL teams.

And for churches, these days they're no more different than the grocery store or McDonalds. We live with Generation No-Manners.

Mike (Unknown)

haha, Dogers. I just fixed it (not known for my proofreading).

Dusty will definitely ruin the Reds pitching but they're young and good and I think will amass a large enough lead the first half that they'll still make the WC even after their rotation goes to pot.

I know churches aren't any different--that's the problem.



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