April Fool's Day | 04/01/08

I hope everyone was mildly annoyed by my April Fool's Day present yesterday. It's a fine line between wanting to be really annoying and still a little bit funny. I think Google "won" with their "you can now update the time-sent on any email". It was pretty clever, I will give them that.

I had my first guitar lesson and even though I felt like a total moron for most of it, I think I'll do ok in the long-run. I like my teacher because he has the two key components to any good teacher in any subject: mastery and nothing to prove.

From there things started to go downhill. My nice office chair broke while I was sitting in it and crashed to floor (that's now four chairs I've broken just by sitting in). Thankfully my head hit the back of the padded chair and not the brick-pictured-vinyl-on-concrete below it. I also got some bad news from the RD gang about a current project and then Chompy got sick again and yacked (yaked?) all over my couch. I'd tell you more specifically where but I know how you are. I did clean it up though.

The Cubs had the day off so there was little joy to my day. There are also still a ton of ants on my desk. I know it's my own fault for leaving a stray peep out but I'd really like to know how they're able to navigate out from the big plant on the other side of my desk just to find a peep.


KBS (Unknown)

Hahahah - I don't know why, but "stray peep" made me laugh out loud this morning.

K-Chris (Unknown)

yeah, it's yacked...yaked is just so wrong...it's like [yayked].

this serves as a public service announcement from your favorite linguist



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