Camden Yards | 04/02/08

Last night Jamie and I went to Camden Yards to use the tickets she bought at the law school auction. The drive was only about an hour but by the time we got there at 6:30pm it was maybe -20F. There were lots of home runs (including one by former Cub Cliff Floyd and future Cub Brian Roberts) and since it was populated as well as your typical not-playing-the-Cubs White Sox game (had we not been there they probably wouldn't have even announced the attendance) all the foul balls were actually attainable. Unfortunately none were hit near us (or *at* us in Steve's case). We had to leave after the sixth inning because the temperature had dropped to about -400 F (plus the wind chill) and the ushers were starting to drop dead around us from hypothermia. See our misery here.

I practiced guitar for a good 90 minutes today working on my tone and I can say with complete honesty I do not hear a single bit off difference. I can play more evenly between my right-hand fingers which is good though. If these were bass lessons I'd probably already have enough knowledge to go on tour.


SC (Unknown)

Dad and I were close to some more at the game on Monday, but none were actually at us. Sorry it was so cold.

Tree (Unknown)

The Cubs aren't getting Roberts. As much as the media has played with this, what the Cubs offered wasn't good enough & the Orioles would have dealt him by now.

I see the old Oriole bird there.

Tree (Unknown)

Wow... Weeks just plowed into Soto and a piss-poor fundamental toss by the Dumpster allows the 2nd run to score. You don't see two runs score on a sac fly very often. Very poor fundamentals by the Cubs and the Brew Crew is already up 2-0 in the 1st. I listened to the game yesterday and the postgame show on the drive home. Fans were already calling to bench Pie, and Lou already (mistakingly) moving Soriano back to lead-off. He should be batting 3rd.

The line-up should be:
1. Fukudome
2. Theriot
3. Soriano
4. Lee
5. Ramirez
6. DeRosa
7. Pie
8. Sota
9. pitchers spot

People with Soriano's power shouldn't be leading off. Whatever. Lou's an idiot anyway. Speak of the Devil, Soriano just struck out, and he's wearing eye-black tape under his eyes with a bright logo on it, defeating the whole purpose of it.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, fundamentals and Cubs don't go along well. I would like to point out that Dempster should not not not not be starting. He looks terrible--he can't pitch, field or bunt. He's like the anti-Greg Maddux.

I'd bat them like this:
1) Theriot
2) Lee
3) Fukudome
4) Ramirez
5) Soriano
6) DeRosa
7) Soto
8) Pie
9) Pitcher's spot

Tree (Unknown)

You'd bat Lee 2nd? Why? You gotta put your speed and contact hitters on top and your power guys in the middle. Nice unfundamental play by the Dumpster, fielding a ground ball with his bare hand. Btw, if you're watching the game, you'll notice something very different about the TV shot with runners on 2nd base: you can actually see the outfield grass to the ivy. The outfield doesn't drop 14" anymore.

Mike (Unknown)

Lee's a good contact hitter--get him on base. His power numbers are down too anyway.

I heard them talking about changes to the field but I was unaware of that.

Yeah I'm watching the game--Busch just walked in a run.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Yeah, the re-did the field to improve drainage. They removed the crown, so the playing surface is pretty much consistent from infield to outfield.

Here's my lineup:
1) Theriot
2) Fukudome
3) Lee
4) Ramirez
5) Soriano
6) Soto
7) DeRosa
8) Pie
9) pitcher

Soto's gonna have a big year, so why not bat him higher in the order to prove his skills? He proved in his brief call-up last September that he can hit, so he could prove valuable in driving in the guys ahead of him in the order. Also, Fukudome has a great combination of power, contact, and plate discipline, so he should be hitting 2nd to drive in Theriot, or at least get on base to move him over to set the table for Lee, Ramirez, and Soriano. Lee's power numbers will come back. Remember: he hit 46 HR's two years ago and he was a doubles machine last year. He's fully recovered from his wrist injury, so he'll be hittin' 'em out soon enough.

It was nice to Soriano be patient at the dish and walk in a run. I'd have liked a double down the line to clear the bases, but with I'll take what I can get. A run's a run.

Mike (Unknown)

I can't believe he talk a walk. That gives him...1 on his career?

Tree (Unknown)

Yeah not too many people talk a walk. Must had been one sweet talkin' conversation.

Another piss-poor fundamentals game for the Cubs. I noticed the expensive seats behind home plate were empty! Sent you the Wrigley info to your gmail account.



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