Happy Birthday Miker! | 04/04/08

How was my weekend? You tell me. Pop quiz hotshot!

On Friday Michael celebrated his birthday. I know he's not *that* young but to me he's still a young pup. Anyway, happy birthday Miker! Since Jamie was going to from Friday through Saturday night I agreed to watch Abby. I went to pick her up in the afternoon but only after attempting to take myself out to lunch in Arlington at . Unfortunately, this place was on Crystal Drive and there was nowhere to park--even if there was I didn't see it and decided I'd just go home and have (another) sandwich. I then figured I'd stop by Target (since I was already in Arlington--and that's the only Target near me) to see if I could get and sure enough, I walked out with my purchase. I grabbed a coffee on my way back and then grabbed Ab. The rest of the night was uneventful except that I treated myself to since I had wound up not eating my sandwich at lunch and was pretty hungry. On Friday I did real work for and then dug in to . Chompy got sick again during the night and I vented to Steve. It was particularly irritating for me since I had already cleaned up poop earlier in the evening and was quickly running out of paper towels. On Saturday morning I woke up early and ran to . Because it was so early there was no traffic either way I was running on the wet trails in no time. I had taken a few days off from running so it was being out there again. When I came home I let the dogs out and there was a mild fight between vs. my landlord's dog. Apparently he didn't care for Abby and that started the trouble. I spent the rest of my day . On Sunday I started working on and then watched the Cubs win. I also made . Good luck and let me know how my weekend went.




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