Black Socks | 04/07/08

Yesterday I finally remembered and went out and bought real black socks. This has been an issue since I moved up here and the first time I was confronted I wore no socks. The second time I thought I had bought black socks at Target but they were in fact the only-up-the-ankle kind so I had to cut the toes off and make my own to look like normal socks. I am now proudly in possession of three pairs of black socks and a pair of nice brown socks. Bored yet?

I really need to get the rest of my house set up here. I've been here over a month and frankly I still feel like I'm on vacation. I'm not sure if clearing out the last of these boxes is going to help that but it certainly can't hurt. I think I'll shoot for Thursday afternoon. I took myself out to Clyde's yesterday for lunch only because I knew where it was. I still need to find a real diner up here. I'm sure there are a ton, I just need to find one I can get to regularly.

I watched the second half and overtime of the NCAA finals last night as Kansas ate up Memphis. I also watched the first three innings and the last three innings of the Cubs game--this is only notable because I was gone for two hours. The Cubs blew a 7 run lead but somehow won it in the 12th thanks largely to the suckiness of the Pirates. I think the National League, unfortunately, has figured out Theodore Roosevelt Lilly. Bummer.


SC (Unknown)

I think Lily still has it. He just needs to buckle down and he'll be fine. This was a boring day for you.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, it was really was.



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