Some Wednesday | 04/09/08

I took Tuesday off because for the first time since moving up here I actually had a day that would qualify as busy. Yesterday (Wednesday) was eventful but not really in a "busy" sort of way. Three things, all expected, yet nonetheless big news. I'm not really interested in discussing any of them but you, daily reader, likely know all three.

In the afternoon, since Amy was in town on business, I met up with her and one of her FA friends for an afternoon in Georgetown. The lengthy bus rides took up most of the time but we still got to hang out for a few hours including having dinner at some Italian place with your run-of-the-mill-in-Italy food solicitor at the door. The food was pretty good but I don't think I'll head back that way any time soon.

The ants on my desk are hearty. Even though I kill a dozen each day more keep coming in the hopes that a crumb of ho-ho might be theirs. Blinded to the danger, they tirelessly make their paths from the plant on the far side carried by nothing more than their hope there might food even though by this point they are surely aware that I have not eaten at my desk for at least three weeks. Although I will still kill each and every one I see I do applaud for them for the effort.




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