Day #1 | 04/10/08

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Yes, Jamie and I are officially done. No, I really don't want to talk about it anymore. I will say only this: I tried my best. That's all you can do in life and I have no regrets about that. True, I am in a city where I know no one and all my friends are far away and have their own lives. I do take solace in the saying "this too shall pass" and I'm certain in time I will take root here and if nothing else there are many more opportunities here than in Florida. There are more people to meet, more things to do, and more musical activities for teaching, writing, and playing.

I am of course very sad that person I have been closest to for the past five years is no longer available but change is inevitable so while I appreciate very much the support and kind words I would appreciate even more if the comments section of today's entry could stay positive; there's no need for any negativity towards either of us. Thanks.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Here's something positive: the CUBS are on a 5-game winning streak, and scored 7 runs yesterday without a hit from Lee, Ramirez, or Fukudome.

SC (Unknown)

You have the right approach Mike. I really couldn't say anything more than you have. I was there when you picked it all up and moved on a whim to see how it would go. You're strong enough to get through this and flourish.

Robert (Unknown)

sorry to hear it man. Things will pick up for you. At least you're out of here!

K-Chris (Unknown)

Michael Robert, my bestest pal...I'm sorry to hear how things have turned out, but life goes on. You've always been good a making friends, and I'm sure now that you're in DC, things won't be any different in that regard. I can't wait to come to visit and explore DC with you. Of course if you ever decide that things are way too exciting there, you'll always be more than welcome to come hang out in the bustling metropolis that is Bloomington, IN. I'm looking forward to some ICTs (although not so much 'I' anymore) sometime really soon!

Christine (Unknown)

I have no doubt that you will be just fine. You just moved to a wonderful new city so there is no time better then the present to start fresh!

Mikey-Ray (Unknown)

I love me some MRC! Even more than some fresh baked cookies - and that's saying something because I love to eat! OOOO (that's hugs, without kisses) Haha.



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